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Tofino Towel Company


Tofino Towel Company thoughtfully creates products and convey a lifestyle that encourages you to consciously slow down, be present in the moment and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Their aim is to inspire you to connect with Mother Nature and the people around you.

There is no better place to escape reality and connect with your surroundings than Tofino, British Columbia. Burrowed a midst dreamlike settings this enchanted town will fascinate your senses.

They believe in a sustainable approach to fashion and that choosing the right products starts with choosing the right materials. Tofino Towel Company works directly with various fair-trade artisan makers from around the globe to create high quality multipurpose products that allow you to do more so you can own less.

Every product developed is crafted with the intention to be as equally suitable for outdoor and indoor use encouraging our customers to truly Live Outside & Love Inside.